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Digital Yamaha C7 - > Acoustic Yamaha C1 from same MIDI File

Your MIDI Files Become Real Acoustic Piano Recordings!

This is Not Virtual Piano Software! Send us your piano MIDI files and we will record them with a real acoustic Grand Piano in our professional recording studio.

How it Works
Our Yamaha C1 Disclavier Mark IV Grand Piano can automatically and precisely reproduce the MIDI performance, playing back the exact key and pedal movements as we record it with the highest quality gear in a great sounding room. Then we provide you with the audio files in the format of your choice, usually within 48 hours.

Reasons to use

  • Nothing beats the real thing. As good as digital virtual pianos are getting, our ears can still hear the difference.
  • Get it perfect! You can take your time to make your MIDI files perfect. Record and edit your MIDI file in your favorite program and when everything is just right, send it to us and get it back as a perfect acoustic piano recording.
  • Beautiful sounding Yamaha Grand Piano, frequently tuned and voiced for our studio room.
  • Professionally treated studio room with world class microphones, mic preamps, and converters.
  • Affordable: Our service is much less expensive than renting a studio or buying all the necessary gear yourself.
  • Freedom to mix it yourself: We record the piano with 4 microphones (2 close and 2 far) and send you the separate .wav files of each mic, so you can then mix them to taste. Or if you prefer we can blend the files for you and send you a ready-to-play stereo .wav file.
  • Gain new business: Studio owners: If you have MIDI, now you can tell your clients you DO have easy access to a grand piano.

What to Do

  1. Send us your MIDI file by email or upload it to a server and send us a link (you could also use YouSendIt or another filesharing service).
  2. We send you a Paypal invoice depending on the length of the material. The cost is $10 for every minute of recorded material, with a $25 minimum order. So a 2 min. 55 sec. MIDI file would cost you $30. Try renting a studio, engineer, and recording a grand piano for that price!
  3. After we receive your payment, we will record and send your .wav files electronically, usually within 48 hours.
Why use a real piano (in case you don't already know):
In today’s world of piano sample libraries and synths that try to sound like pianos, you might wonder why anyone would want to record a real piano. The answer is simple. Real pianos have a tonal complexity and character that is lost when you sample individual notes and play them back. If you want a piano to sound real, start with a real piano.

On a real piano, a hard key hit will create a sound that is not just louder than a soft hit, it has a different timbre. Velocity-sensitive keyboards may offer one sample for soft hits and another sample for hard hits, maybe even a morphing algorithm for in-between hits, but it is really not the same thing. Besides, do you have a sample for pedal presses, pedal releases and damper noise? I think not.
--Jon Bare, Recording Magazine

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